This feature records the people who came in contact with the user within a 1.5-meter radius for 15 mins or longer in the same organization. Duration shows how long both users came in contact from 15 mins.

By clicking the whole row of a specific person on the list, you will be able to see the breakdown contact history of the user with the other user.

Export Contact History

This feature allows the Manager to export the contact history list of a member in PDF format. Managers can also export the contact history record of both members in the view contact history.

Application of Privacy settings in Member’s Contact History

In this feature, a member's name and profile photo will be displayed as the user id and default photo in contact history when the member sets his/her name and profile photo to private. Members who set their area location to private will not be displayed in contact history when they came in close with other members of the community.

Contact History: Member to Unknown User 

In this feature, the community’s gateways will now be able to scan PouchBANDs of the users who are not members of the community for contact tracing. When a user who is not a member of the community came in contact with the member of the community, contact history will record the user in the member’s contact history as an unknown user.