Settings can be accessed through the account's avatar on the top right. This feature lets you change your account’s email, mobile number, and password.

This feature lets you edit your profile as well as change your avatar

Privacy Settings

Members can now change their shared information to the community in Settings>My Communities>Edit Settings.


In this feature, Managers will now be able to view their community’s member information requirements. Effective date by default is when the community is created and details are required by default. When there are changes on member details, the information will be displayed on member details until the changes are active from the effective date.


In this feature, Managers can set which details of their members will be required to share to their community or not. 

Note: Managers need to also change the details when changing the effective date and time only.

Notification: Changes on Member Details

In this feature, all members of the community will be notified by a notification badge when there are changes in the member details. Information of member detail changes will be displayed on joined communities>edit settings with date and time on when the changes will take effect.

Email : Changes on Member Details

In this feature, all members will also receive an email about the changes and effective date and time of member details.

Application on changes of member details

In settings of a joined community, When member details are set to required, members will not be able to change their shared information in the community. Members that have private shared information will be overruled if the community sets the information to required. When member details are set to not required, members can set their shared information to allowed or private.