Overview of Members List

Under the Members Tab,  managers will be able to see all the members under an organization with their corresponding member status, accessory ID, latest temperature, area, or location as well as the date and time of the last data sync.

Member Detailed View

Member Detailed View: Diary 

The manager will be able to see the temperature history of any type of member. Verified members will only display the temperature history from the time the member joined the organization. Each section of member details is expandable and PouchBANDs has been relocated. Diary now has today’s average, highest, and lowest temperature.

Symptoms Logged

Symptoms logged by a member on the member dashboard will be duplicated to the organization where the member joined. 

  • Managers will now be able to edit/delete logged symptoms by the member but will not reflect on the member dashboard’s symptoms. Manager’s logged symptoms of a member will also duplicate on member’s dashboard

Privacy Settings in Member List

When Geolocation is set to private on a joined community, Managers will not be able to see the current location of the member. The location will be displayed if the member's beacon syncs through the gateway.

Note: Manager will be able to see his/her own geolocation

Privacy Settings in Member Detailed view

When a member sets the shared information to private, Managers will not be able to click the information on the side of the member view. The location will not be displayed also on the diary if geolocation is set to private and symptoms will also be locked when set to private. Managers can also add, remove the PouchBAND of a member but when set to private, Managers can only view the PouchBAND and will not be able to add, remove.

Note: Manager will be able to see his/her own information in member detail view