Watchlist Overview

Start monitoring your loved ones’ and friends’ temperature by adding them to your watchlist. You can add up to six people to your watchlist. To refresh the watchlist, we also added a pull to refresh by swiping down the screen.

3 ways to add users to your Watchlist and Resending or Revoking an Invite

1. Adding Manually 

In this feature, users can add people to their watchlist manually and start monitoring their temperature. To add manually - click on the 'Add Manually' button, the system will then start scanning for PouchBANDs, once connected, you can already input information to create the user's profile.

2. Invite via Email

Users with a PouchPASS account can be invited to watchlist and monitor their temperature online. Once the invitee accepts the invite from their PouchPASS app, users will now be able to view them and monitor their temperature.

3. Scan QR Code

A new method of adding users to the watchlist is by scanning their QR code. Adding users to the watchlist via QR code will also send a notification to their PouchPASS app as well as an email invite.

Note: Users will be able to find the QR code by going to settings and selecting QR Code (See photos below)


Users can resend their invite to watchlist or revoke it. Revoking invite will remove the pending request in watchlist, while revoking invite of Manually added user to PouchPASS will retain the watchlist as profile only.

Watchlist Invite Notification / Resending and Revoking Invite

Email Invite

When invited to the watchlist, users will receive an email to their email address to accept the invite. Accepting the invite from their mobile device will redirect them to the PouchPASS app to log in or create an account. If they don’t have an app, they will be redirected to our App in Playstore.

Note: Accepting invites from PC or Laptop will redirect them to PouchPASS Dashboard to log in or Create Account and will automatically update in watchlist.

Invite Notification in the App

Users will be receiving notification when invited to the watchlist. A red badge will display on settings and notifications. Accepted and declined notifications will be removed after 7 days.

Invite Notification in the Dashboard

Users who accept the watchlist invite via PC or Desktop will receive a prompt message that they have accepted the invite in the PouchPASS dashboard.


Accepting Invite

This feature allows the user with the PouchPASS app to accept the invite. Users can also add them back to their watchlist by inviting them also.

Note: For now, all information in permissions are set to required.


By accepting the watchlist request in the notification, the user will now have an option on which information he/she would like to share or not to the watcher’s watchlist. Users can also change the information he/she is sharing in watcher’s change permission.

Declining an Invite

Users may also decline invites as seen below:


Users can now rearrange their list of family or friends in their watchlist. Hold and drag to arrange users in the watchlist.


Users can view the individual profile in their watchlist to see more details such as the user’s basic information, current temperature, location, last sync time, and temperature history.

Users can also see the hourly view of their temperature as seen below:


This feature shows the list of users who added you to their watchlist. If they are not on your watchlist, you will have an option to add them back. You also have an option to view the information you’re sharing in view permissions or remove them. Removing users in watchers will also remove you from their watchlist.

Users may now edit 


Watchlist now has a Symptoms feature to view, log, edit, and delete symptoms of the users in your watchlist.

Note: Log, Edit, and Delete symptoms are only applicable on manually added profiles in the watchlist


Manually added users’ profiles can be edited by clicking the menu on to right and click the edit profile.


When a PouchBAND is unpaired on users in the watchlist, users can pair again a PouchBAND to their users in watchlist tab, view watchlist, or from the menu of their users. This is only applicable to users who are added manually.


Users can also unpair the PouchBAND of their users in watchlist. This is also only applicable to users who are added manually.


Backup to cloud now also syncs the data in your watchlist. Logout and syncing also syncs data and users in your watchlist.

Note: When logging in, all users in the watchlist will retain. Records of added manual users will be deleted.